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How to Get Your PS4 Ready for the PS5

As we transition to a new console, there comes the big question of what to do with the last generation of consoles. With the PS5, there’s a more seamless transition between generations thanks in large part to backwards compatibility allowing you to take your library with you. There are, however, a few things you can do with your PS4 to get ready for the PS5 and be ready for the next generation of gaming.

Maybe you were lucky enough to get your PS5 today. Perhaps you’re still waiting for Target to update with tracking information. Or you could be one of the people just holding off (or who haven’t yet managed to secure a PS5 order). No matter what, while you wait for your new console, here’s how to get your PS4 ready for the PS5:

External Hard Drive

Get an external hard drive if you don’t have one already and load it up with your PS4 games. The PS5 can use the external hard drive from your PS4 as a plug-and-play device, allowing you to play your full library (almost) via backwards compatibility. Instead of needing to redownload or transfer your PS4 games to your new PS5, just load up an external hard drive with your games and you can instantly have access to them on the new console.

In addition, for any new PS4 games you download on your PS5, the new console will default to putting PS4 games onto the external drive to save space on the SSD. Given the limited room for PS5 games that need the SSD to run, you’ll want to put as much as you can on an external drive.

We’ve recommended a number of great external hard drives for this purpose, including the 5TB WD_Black, which should offer plenty of storage space for your PS4 library.

Back Up Your Saves

What good is having your entire PS4 library if you have to start everything all over again? Make sure you back up your save files from your PS4 so that when you play your games on PS5, you don’t have to miss a beat. There are a number of ways to back up your saves. PlayStation Plus members can use the free Cloud Storage option (which is also automated, if you have that setting on). Just double check that all the currently uploaded saves are the latest ones before using them on your PS5.

You can also transfer your save files via USB drive quite easily if you don’t have or don’t trust the PS Plus Cloud Storage option, and there’s an option to directly transfer from the PS4 to the PS5 as well.

Set Up for PS5 Remote Play

Now that your PS5 is in hand, don’t get rid of your PS4! Sony recently added a PS5 Remote Play tool to the PS4, allowing you to effectively use it as a remote hub for your PS5. Personally, I’ve moved my PS4 into my office, allowing my PS5 to retain its new home in the living room. However, with PS5 Remote Play on the PS4, I can still access my PS5 from my office without needing a second console. This is a great option if you have multiple rooms you want to have your PS5 in, or if you don’t want to take your PS5 traveling with you. Toss that PS4 into your suitcase instead and you can still access your home next-gen (now current-gen) console remotely.

And that’s basically it. Logging into the PS5 carries over pretty much all of your PSN ID settings seamlessly, making the process extremely simple and painless. The few extra details above just allow you to not run into any wrinkles when getting set up on the new system, as well as a pretty cool option to extend the reach of your PS5 console.

Did we miss anything here? How did you get your PS4 ready for the new generation of PlayStation? Let us know in the comments below.