Fixing the ‘Queued for Download’ Issue on PS5 Reportedly Requires a Factory Reset

Several PlayStation 5 owners are reporting a download-related bug on the new hardware. The vast majority of the problems seem to pop up for players who are trying to download Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. Apparently, a “Queued for Download” tag appears, but the process itself does not actually begin as expected. Thus far, only one fix seems to do the trick–a factory reset on the console. Since such a move removes everything from the device, this isn’t an exactly ideal solution.

IGN reported the bug earlier this morning, noting that at least three staff members have encountered the “Queued for Download” bug. Reportedly, Call of Duty does not count as the only PlayStation 5 experience impacted by this particular issue, either. According to the publication, the bug also affects Demon’s Souls, the Disney+ app, and Marvel’s Spider-Man: Remastered, at least for some users. The factory reset suggestion comes from Activision; IGN noted as much, adding that the fix worked for at least one staffer.

Several users on Twitter are reporting similar issues, which suggests the bug is pretty widespread. As of writing, Sony has yet to address the problem or offer another solution. Again, it appears a factory reset is the best option at present. At this point, no one on the PlayStation LifeStyle staff has experienced a similar issue with the new console.

PlayStation 5 launched yesterday in North America and Japan. The system releases in Europe next week on November 19th. Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is new as of today. The newness of everything no doubt makes the download bug especially frustrating. Hopefully, Sony rolls out an update or shares a better fix  than a full reset in the very near future. We’ll report back with any additional solutions we find.

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[Source: IGN]