Kate Bishop Finally Takes AIM in Marvel’s Avengers on December 8th

In October, Crystal Dynamics announced it would shift its post-launch plans for Marvel’s Avengers. As a result, Kate Bishop did not join the roster as originally planned. The archer is slated to arrive in a few short weeks, though. Season 1 of the post-launch content starts with “Kate Bishop: Operation Taking AIM,” which will now release next month on December 8th.

“Operation Taking AIM” is set after the events of Marvel’s Avengers‘ main story. AIM’s new leader has big plans in place, meaning the Avengers’ job is not over just yet. Thus, the war rages on. The Kate Bishop-centric free content will see her travel through time in an effort to save Clint Barton, otherwise known as Hawkeye. But, of course, things are never as simple as they may seem.

Check out the first trailer for “Operation Taking AIM” in the post below. (The trailer begins at the 1:25 mark.)

Operations in general are story experiences that allow Crystal Dynamics to further flesh out the narrative. Each one will feature its own villains, playable characters, and biomes. In the end, however, Operations are meant to all share an interconnected tale that forms a full arc.

The studio has also confirmed that Ashly Burch (Life is Strange, Horizon: Zero Dawn) is lending her talents to Kate’s voice. Players can see more of the character in action for themselves come December 8th. Hopefully, this new batch of content will help give Marvel’s Avengers the boost it needs.

Marvel’s Avengers is in stores now for the PS4, PC, and Xbox One platforms. While backward compatibility allows fans to experience the title on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S now, a full next-gen version will launch next year, free for all players who currently own the game.

[Source: Marvel’s Avengers on Twitter]