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Fall Guys Offers Free Santa Costume Until December 25th

We’re entering the time of year when developers and publishers offer thanks to the players that buy their game. Mediatonic and Devolver Digital are no exception. As a thank you for all of the support they’ve received from Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout players this year, they’re giving away a free Santa Claus costume from today, December 21.

In case you’re wondering what the costume may look like, there’s a live action video showing a six foot tall bean receiving his costume from his family. This is before he shows them how to play the game and earns himself a fetching crown to go with it. At least they forgave him for destroying their Christmas tree and their snowman. Christmas is the time for forgiving, after all.

The costume fits in quite well with the current Season 3 Winter Knockout theme. That season has just added another 30 costumes, including penguins, polar bears, and an abominable snowman. There are also crown ranks through which players progress. The further they go, the more gold variants of existing costumes they can unlock. The new costumes didn’t include the teased DOOM guy, though, and there’s no news on when that costume will be making an appearance.

Season 3 also added seven new levels, from the standard race to the finish line to new game variations. Ski Fall throws players down an ice slide where they have to slide through bronze, silver and gold rings to earn points. Three pegwins have to be chased and caught in Pegwin Pursuit , while Snowy Scrap sees players building giant snowballs. Throughout those levels there are plenty of new obstacles to avoid, like flippers, punch gloves, ice tiles, fans, snowballs, and the player-named Ringus Dingus.

Season 3 is available to play now. The free Santa Claus costume is available now and can be claimed until December 25.