Resident Evil Village Complete Set Collector’s Edition is Just $1800, Comes with an Expensive Coat

In recent years, games have launched with mutliple different editions. Resident Evil Village is not an exception. As noticed by TechnClub, the latest Collector’s Edition to be revealed includes a full size replica of Chris Redfield’s Buttonless Chester coat. The catch is it’s only available in Japan and it’ll set you back ¥192,500, or the equivalent of $1855.

The Complete Set Collector’s Edition includes the Collector’s Edition of the game that’s available worldwide, 1:6 scale equipment miniatures, a second art book titled “Village of Shadows,” four original postcards, and the aforementioned coat. Those who can’t quite afford $1855 can instead pluck for the Complete Set Edition at a marginally cheaper $1634. This includes a standard copy of the game with all of the other goodies. If you just want the coat, it is available for separate purchase at a rather staggering $1539.

Note that while the image seems to show that only the “Large” size is available, you can actually pick your size when you purchase this edition. We should hope so, given the price of this thing. (Thanks to Yowzagabowza for pointing out that information.)

RE Village Complete Set Collector's Edition

Outside of Japan, fans will just have to make do with some more conventional special editions. As revealed during the Resident Evil Showcase, there’s the Collector’s Edition that includes a copy of the game, the Trauma Pack DLC, Chris Redfield figurine, art book, reversible poster, and Steelbook case. Then there’s the Digital Deluxe Edition, which includes the game and the Trauma Pack DLC. Of course, you could just grab the standard edition either.

Those wanting to try before they buy can get a feel for the game’s visuals and audio in the PS5-exclusive Maiden demo. The stand-alone experience takes place within the world of Resident Evil Village; featuring a character known as the Maiden, players must escape the dungeon of Dimitrescu Castle. PlayStation 4 players will have to wait a bit longer to get their hands on the game. A second demo is promised for later this spring.

Resident Evil Village will be released on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 on May 7, 2021.

[Source: E-Capcom Shop via TechnClub]