Rainbow Six Parasite rainbow six quarantine

Report: Rainbow Six Quarantine is Now Called Rainbow Six Parasite

It appears that Rainbow Six Quarantine has been renamed. Thanks to some sleuth work and digging by MP1st, new images have been found that point to Rainbow Six Quarantine now being called Rainbow Six Parasite, and it seems to be coming relatively soon.

A file for Rainbow Six Quarantine has been found uploaded to the PSN as of February 9th, 2021, listing the game under the original title of Rainbow Six Quarantine and showing a patch version of 1.01. However, upon further digging by MP1st, images from the file seem to contain PS4 dashboard art as well as the boot screen players will see as they load up the game (header image above). Both of these images show the new name of Rainbow Six ParasiteRainbow Six Parasite rainbow six quarantine ps4 dashboard icon

In addition, there is a Vita Remote Play screen in the files that confirms the new title as well.

Rainbow Six Parasite rainbow six quarantine vita remote play

Originally revealed back in 2019, not much has been heard about Rainbow Six Quarantine except for a confirmed delay from Ubisoft. During that delay announcement, Ubisoft also commented on a potential name change for Rainbow Six Quarantine given the events of the past year that have seen the world literally quarantined in the face of a pandemic. If these image files are anything to go by, it looks like it will now be called Rainbow Six Parasite to avoid the obvious parallels to the COIVD-19 pandemic.

Rainbow Six Quarantine/Rainbow Six Parasite is set in the future where humans have been infected by alien parasites. Not much else is known about the game at this point, especially not any potential changes that have come following the delays. While the PlayStation Network files appear to indicate a launch coming relatively soon, Ubisoft debunked rumors that arose in January saying the game would release in March. Now that the new name is apparently public, it remains to be seen how long it will be until Ubisoft comments and makes the name change official.