Raven Issues Another Ban Wave for Warzone Cheaters, Fixes the Early Game Ending Hack

Raven Software issued another ban wave for Call of Duty: Warzone cheaters, as well as fixing whatever was allowing players to erroneously end entire games early.

Raven didn’t tout how many accounts were caught up in today’s ban wave, but as Season Two heats up and Warzone enters its second year, leading to what many expect to be the end of Verdansk altogether (to make way for a new map), the team is hard at work keeping the game fun and fair for players who don’t use hacks, exploits, and cheats to secure victory (or just ruin the game for others). The last big ban wave in February took out 60,000 accounts and Raven promised additional communication around anti-cheat efforts.

In addition, Raven also fixed the recently discovered issue that let players end matches prematurely.

And finally, the reemergence of the stim glitch concerned many players, but Raven was quick to jump in and issue a fix so that players can’t just sit in the gas healing to secure their wins.

Warzone is an exceptionally popular game, with new season updates breaking internet traffic records for some ISPs. With tens of millions of active players, cheats and exploits are constantly being found, and the teams at Raven and Activision have committed to addressing the issues players have with cheating. Last year Activision took legal action against a cheat manufacturer, but for every one knocked down, more seem to pop up. Console players have taken to turning cross-play off to avoid matching with PC where cheaters tend to be more prevalent.

Have you encountered any cheaters, hackers, or people exploiting the system in Call of Duty: Warzone? Drop in to the comments below and let us know.