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Warzone 2 DMZ Gets Pay-to-Win ‘Bonus Effects’ in New Update

The new Call of Duty: Warzone 2 season 3 update introduced many new changes to the game, the majority of which are documented in the official patch notes, but one change that isn’t listed is the addition of purchasable “Bonus Effects” items that provide players with a significant gameplay advantage in the DMZ mode.

Pay-to-win “Bonus Effects” items added to DMZ

The initial pay-to-win item popping up within the Warzone 2 DMZ store provides players with a fourth operator slot, a permanent medium bag, and a blueprint that has a shorter 15-minute cooldown.

Content creator @MrProWestie pointed out the pay-to-win bundle on Twitter:

The medium backpack and cooldown-equipped blueprint aren’t the only issues, however, as alleged datamined files show an operator skin that comes with its own free UAV item. Another skin comes automatically equipped with a 2-Plate Armor Vest. (via u/aur0n on Reddit)

If DMZ was an A.I.-only mode, with no real players, perhaps this would be less shocking. However, by giving players access to pay-to-win mechanics in modes where real players are trying to enjoy a balanced experience, there’s bound to be controversy.

The new Plunder mode might be the safe haven players need while they wait and see if DMZ gets worse with even more pay-to-win skins and bundles.

[H/T Charlie Intel]