zorro the chronicles game

Embark on an Adventure as Zorro or His Sister Ines in Zorro The Chronicles, Coming to PS5 and PS4

Developer Bkom Studios and publisher BTC Studios have announced Zorro The Chronicles for the PlayStation 4 and 5 among other platforms.

Set in 19th century Spanish California, the swashbuckling action-adventure title is based on Cyber Group Studios’ anime series of the same name. The game will task players with protecting ordinary folks from an evil general and his soldiers as Zorro or his sister Ines.

Key features include:

  • Live a hero’s life, and fight for justice. Play as the legendary Zorro or his sister Ines. Develop your skills by unlocking better stats, new moves, and talismans.
  • Master your fighting technique and become the best swordsman in Spanish California! Enjoy fun and rewarding swashbuckling combat featuring hilarious yet spectacular finishing moves.
  • Choose your playthrough style. Adapt your approach to a wide variety of enemy types. Use ninja-like stealth to take your opponents by surprise, sneak around them to explore your surroundings, or engage them in action-packed sword fights.
  • Enjoy beautifully designed, colorful locations. Explore the game’s world with eye-catching visuals as breathtaking as in Zorro: The Chronicles animated series.

Zorro is a cross-generation modern hero,” said Cyber Group Studios COO, Thierry Braille. “We trust that Zorro The Chronicles, The Game, inspired by best-in-class action-adventure games will appeal to casual gamers, kids and families, and also to the gamer audience.”

“Zorro is a brand whose interactive life started long ago with games for the Atari, Nintendo, and other platforms,” John Gertz, President of Zorro Productions Inc, added. “We are very excited to see that the new CG animated series, Zorro The Chronicles will now be adapted for the new consoles of the 21st century.”

Zorro The Chronicles will release this fall.