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Resident Evil 7 Still Shipping Over 1m Units Annually Following Its Launch Four Years Ago

Resident Evil 7 released to a positive critical and commercial response in January 2017, and besides its launch year sales, the game continues to ship over one million units annually. That’s according to Capcom’s European COO Stuart Turner, who told Games Industry that Resident Evil 7‘s ongoing success is testament to its quality.

“We’re still seeing Resident Evil 7 shipping over one million units globally per year almost four years after its launch,” said Turner. “By planning much more long-term across different markets we can look at factors such as platform sales promotions, Black Friday, etc… which become more and more important after the first 12 months.”

With Resident Evil Village, Capcom has set its sights on the game becoming “the best-performing Resident Evil title” in terms of critical and commercial reception, both.

“Our main ambition for this year, although there’s so much going on at the same time, is to make sure Resident Evil Village will be the best-performing Resident Evil title, both in terms of quality as well as business,” said Capcom’s UK and EMEA marketing director, Antoine Molant. He believes that although Resident Evil 7‘s direction took some fans by surprise, it’s part of the reason the game continues to sell.

“Of course, there will always be parts of its audience who cannot be fully pleased,” Molant continued. “And for us, it is extremely important to listen to these voices as they can make us better.”

Resident Evil Village will release on May 7th. Capcom is currently celebrating the franchise’s 25th anniversary so stay tuned for more on Resident Evil.

[Source: Games Industry]