Epic Games Offered Sony $200m for First-Party PlayStation Games on Epic Games Store

The Epic Games vs. Apple lawsuit continues to reveal interesting information that provides the general public rare insight into the inner workings of companies like Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo. We’ve seen how Microsoft reviewed Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us Part II, for example, and how Epic tried to make Sony “look like heroes” in the Fortnite cross-play announcement. Now, a presentation made public reveals that Epic offered Sony $200 million for a total of 4-6 first-party PlayStation games to appear on Epic Games Store.

At the time of the presentation, Epic was still awaiting feedback from Sony. The same slide reveals that Microsoft was less receptive of the idea, and Epic thought that approaching Nintendo was pointless because it’s a “moonshot unto itself.”

“Their PC Game Pass leader is against what we’re doing,” Epic said of Microsoft. “They are effectively bidding against us for content. Phil [Spencer] is meeting with Gabe [Newell] at Valve occasionally.”

Conversations with Nintendo weren’t even started, apparently. “Corporate history says this is a non-starter,” reads the slide. “Is a ‘moonshot’ unto itself.”

Other documents made public during the trial reveal that Sony made $4.1 billion profit in 2019 from games and services (excludes hardware). Nintendo earned $2.3 billion and Microsoft’s profit was in the $1.6 billion – $2.3 billion range.

[Source: ResetEra]