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Sony Files Patent Application for an Esports Betting Platform

Sony has filed a patent application for an esports betting platform. This revelation comes months after the company acquired the Evo championship series. However, it’s worth noting that the original application was filed back in 2019. It’s only just been published now.

The application makes reference to a system that works on multiple platforms including Nintendo and Microsoft consoles. Using the platform, players can utilize virtual currency, real money, bitcoin, game assets, or even digital rights.

The patent reads:

The proposition bets may be defined by a simulation provider or other entity. Without limitation, the proposition bets can include straightforward bets on one side or the other winning the simulation; total and individual point scores; over-under bets; and a wide range of specialty bets, such as whether a character will be ‘killed’ in the next X minutes, etc. Proposition bets also may be defined to be offered by a machine learning algorithm accessing past wagering simulations to identify what types of proposition bets were the most popular in the past. Moreover, a simulation provider or a machine learning algorithm may be used to identify highlights in the simulation video and/or audio and/or haptic generation to identify important events in the simulation, with proposition bets being developed around the outcomes of the important events.

Once the proposition bets are defined, the odds for those bets are established either by a human or by an algorithm accessing the game analytic data of some or all of the simulation participants.

There’s no guarantee that this patent will materialize, but time will tell if it does.

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