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THQ Nordic Defends Biomutant Dev as It Faces Backlash for Disabling Native 4K on PS5 Due to Technical Issues

Publisher THQ Nordic has jumped to the defense of Experiment 101, who has ended up upsetting some folks with its recent Biomutant gameplay videos.

A video showcasing Biomutant on the PlayStation 5 begins with a disclaimer stating:

The footage you are about to see has been captured on a retail PS5. With this build, the option for native 4K on PlayStation has been deactivated due to stability – and performance – related reasons. What you see here is 1080p @ 60 fps upscaled to 4K @ 60 fps. It will remain deactivated for the release version, too. It will not be a native current-gen experience. More information on that with follow soon, though.

Despite Experiment 101’s transparency and the fact that Biomutant has been in development for last-gen consoles since the beginning, some PS5 owners took this disclaimer personally and flooded Twitter with complaints and criticisms. Such was the backlash that THQ Nordic found itself constantly reminding fans that the footage in question is from Biomutant‘s PS4 version and that a native PS5 version is on its way.

“We are not AAA and the studio behind Biomutant consists of only 20 people,” wrote the publisher. “They have been working very hard on this game for the last [at least four] years – you don’t have to like the final product but please don’t question their skill or dedication to the game. We can’t believe that we have to say this, but please don’t attack or make fun of other people. Online or in real life.”

Biomutant will release on Tuesday, May 25th.