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Deviation Games Says Sony Allows Devs to Create ‘Fearlessly’ as Hermen Hulst Hints at More Partnerships

Over the last few months, Sony has announced a number of new external partnerships to create exclusive games. In March, the company announced a partnership with Haven Studios led by Assassin’s Creed veteran Jade Raymond. In April, it announced a deal for a AAA multiplayer game with Firewalk Studios led by Destiny veterans. And more recently, it announced a partnership with Deviation Games led by Call of Duty veterans. If a new interview with Games Industry is anything to go by, it seems that Sony is quietly building a number of external partnerships that it plans to slowly unveil going forward.

“I have been enjoying having seasoned talent get together with new partners to start a fresh outfit, without the boundaries to unleashing that creativity,” PlayStation Studios boss, Hermen Hulst, told Games Industry. “I am for finding the best way for creatives to do the best work of their careers.”

Deviation’s Jason Blundell revealed that Sony not only offered the studio financial security, but also granted its development team access to the same facilities and services used by Sony’s own first-party studios including Naughty Dog and Santa Monica Studio.

“With this partnership with Sony, we can be ourselves,” added Deviation’s Dave Anthony. “And not only that, when we bring people into the studio, we can promise them that this is our culture. And we can fearlessly create and innovate and be groundbreaking.”

Asked if Sony plans to acquire any of the studios that it’s teaming up with, Hulst responded that Sony is treating these teams as “independents” and “that’s the structure that we’ve set up.”

[Source: Games Industry]