Ghost of Ikishima Rumor

Ghost of Tsushima Standalone Expansion Ghost of Ikishima Rumored to Release Later This Year

Rumors have appeared stating a Ghost of Tsushima standalone expansion is in development. As reported by Wccftech, XboxEra co-founder Nick Baker revealed Ghost of Ikishima, an “expandalone” game that will be released later this year.

Baker originally began by quoting a tweet from @Dealer_Gaming stating that the Ghost of Tsushima franchise would be expanding to new horizons. Here he confirmed we’d be seeing a new game in 2021 before going on to mention its alleged name, Ghost of Ikishima.

Ikishima will reportedly be a standalone expansion along the lines of Marvel’s Spider Man: Miles Morales and Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. Renowned leaker and ResetEra user KatharsisT stated it will be single-player, while Baker later compared the game to Gears Hivebusters too. No platforms have been mentioned, but Baker speculates Ghost of Ikishima will be cross-platform, which would have the game arriving on PlayStation 5 as well as PlayStation 4. Both Baker and KatharsisT have reliability when it comes to leaks, so there is no reason why we should automatically dismiss this. As always though, take the rumor with a massive pinch of salt too.

After Sony decided not to appear at E3 2021 once again, players were left wondering when they would next see any big announcements from Sony. Rumors have now started resurfacing about a Sony State of Play show to be held soon; apparently Ghost of Ikishima is supposed to be revealed during the show. Several places have suggested a date of July 8, although Sony has yet to officially announce anything. The last State of Play show took place in May with the sole aim of showing off gameplay for Horizon: Forbidden West.

Sony also recently renewed its trademark for PlayStation Experience. The physical show hasn’t made an appearance since Bangkok in 2018, although the current coronavirus pandemic put paid to the vast majority of gaming shows last year. Hopefully we shall see something from Sony soon.

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