Life is Strange True Colors Aura Meanings

Life is Strange – True Colors Emotional Auras Go Through the Colors of the Rainbow

Life is Strange – True Colors puts players in the shoes of 21-year-old Alex Chen, who is using her psychic power of Empathy to find the truth behind her brother’s death. She can tap into the emotions of other characters throughout the town of Haven Springs, using them to get to the bottom of the mystery. Developer Deck Nine Games has now revealed the four emotions players will be able to manipulate, their colors, and what this will mean for Alex.

Alex will be able to see sadness as a blue aura that looks a bit like smoke. When she taps into this, the world becomes a depressing gray-blue color while things look and sound darker and duller. Everything experienced in this state feels like a heavier experience. On the contrary, fear is represented by a purple aura that “jumps and spikes, like an EKG monitor”. Here it feels as if the player is in a horror game with frequent jump scares and a dark abyss that has monsters at the bottom. The world is made out of jagged lines and dark shadows and certainly isn’t inviting.

Things don’t get much better with anger, which has a red aura that flickers like fire. When this emotion is absorbed, the world is transformed into an intense and hot experience where lights and sounds are amplified. Alex can hear her own shorter, shallower breaths, and her movements become “sharp and staggered”. At least joy sounds like a far more pleasant experience. This yellow aura “radiates like the sun’s corona”. Here the world is filled with love and laughter, bright colors, and “rich and full” sounds. The only downside is that memories here may be tainted with too much fondness.

When Alex taps into stronger versions of these emotions, she will create a Nova. Here she can try to solve the personal crisis each character is having, but making changes will have consequences further into the story. They could even have life-threatening consequences for the characters involved. The choice of whether or not to interfere will be just one of many players will face when the game is released for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 on September 10.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]