BLUE BOX Abandoned realtime experience ps5 app issues

Abandoned PS5 App Now Live, Just the Same 5-Second Tease BLUE BOX Posted on Twitter, More Promised ‘Soon’

So after three days of waiting due to technical issues (which followed 10 days of waiting after a preload, which itself was a month after the delayed original launch date), the first “trailer is finally live on the Abandoned Realtime Experience app for PS5. But it’s not much of a trailer. Rather it’s a five-second video of a generic looking horror protagonist walking across some floorboards towards a lit doorway.

In fact, it’s the same video that BLUE BOX itself posted on its Twitter account on August 10th when the app was supposed to launch.

The video ends saying “Trailer coming soon,” then shows a blurred shot of… something. Then also promises “Playable Prologue coming soon,” before kicking back out to the main menu of options.

The menu has empty slots for “Cinematic reveal trailer,” “Trailer,” and “Release trailer,” as well as two additional spots for “Gameplay Demonstration” videos.  All are listed as “Available Soon.” BLUE BOX hasn’t offered any further insight into what “soon” might actually mean.

The song heard in the trailer seems to be a short clip from the 2007 song “I Saw Stars” by Deep Sounds. It’s not clear if BLUE BOX Game Studios has licensed this song for use in the clip. Listen yourself below to compare.

Curious fans are rather upset about being strung along for what amounted to the exact same thing that we already saw on BLUE BOX’s own Twitter account earlier this week, with no word on when they can expect any actual news or reveals about Abandoned. There are some other… rather interesting theories floating around right now about the clip as well, which I’ll detail in a separate opinion piece about this whole debacle.

For now, those curious about Abandoned are left waiting for more, which will come “soon,” though if the arduous wait to get here is anything to go by, I wouldn’t hold your breath. If you want to check it out for yourself, the Abandoned Realtime Experience app is available to download now on PS5, but honestly, I’d probably just save yourself the space on your SSD.