Abandoned Realtime Trailers App

Abandoned PS5 Trailers App Will Be Available For Preload on July 29, Official Trailer to Release in August

BLUE BOX Game Studios’ Abandoned trailers app, which was delayed from its originally planned June release date, will be available for preload starting July 29, 2021. The real-time trailers app will officially launch on August 10 with an “introduction,” and an official Abandoned trailer will follow later in the month.

The real-time trailers app, originally announced in June, will be available as a free download to PS5 owners. According to @PlaystationSize, the trailers app will weigh around 1.28 GB, and users will be able to pre-download the app starting July 29, 2021.

BLUE BOX Game Studios states that the app will use the PS5 to render the game’s graphics, allowing users to experience the game as it would actually look while playing and bypass the compression of video sharing sites like YouTube or Twitch. However, the studio also mentions that the first official trailer will be available “later in August,” with an “introduction” explaining how to use the trailer app releasing on August 10, 2021.

Furthermore, BLUE BOX Game Studios’ CEO Hasan Kahraman stated that the Abandoned trailers app will also let users “experience the 4k60, graphics, 3D audio and DualSense features in realtime.” While Kahraman doesn’t specify how exactly the DualSense features will work in the trailer app, it sounds like players will feel the haptics in the controller as the trailer plays.

The trailer app was delayed late last month due to issues surrounding localization and bug fixes. Kahraman posted a video on Twitter stating that the team was “very tired” after mounting conspiracy theories implied Abandoned was actually secretly the next Silent Hill game, and that BLUE BOX Game Studios was a fake studio created by famous game developer Hideo Kojima. The studio has also repeatedly denied the theories stating that it has no connections to Hideo Kojima or Konami, and even got one of its partners NUARE Studios to film a video confirming that they are, in fact, real people.

The Abandoned PS5 trailers app will be available for preload on July 29th, releasing with an introduction on August 10. The first Abandoned trailer will release later in August.

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