BLUE BOX Abandoned realtime experience ps5 app issues

BLUE BOX Still Facing Issues With the Abandoned Realtime Experience App, Delayed to an Unspecified Date and Time

BLUE BOX Game Studios is still having technical issues with the patch that was supposed to launch the Abandoned Realtime Experience app on PS5. The developer stated that it isn’t delaying the trailer’s launch release to a specific date, but will “release it as soon as we have resolved it.”

The Abandoned Realtime Experience app is supposed to be a non-interactive trailers app on PS5 that will let players enjoy Abandoned’s trailers rendered in-engine. Initially intended to launch in June, the app was delayed by a few days due to “localization issues,” then pushed all the way to August for unspecified reasons. Preload was made available at the end of July, with the promise that August 10th would bring the first major update and trailer, finally revealing to the world what Abandoned is. However, just as the app was supposed to update with the first trailer, BLUE BOX seemed to run into some technical issues. Now we’re more than 24 hours from the latest intended launch of the trailer, with no word or even general timeline on when curious fans may get to see it.

Abandoned and BLUE BOX Game Studios have been mired in conspiracy, with the most popular being that the game and studio are stand-ins for a Silent Hill game being made by Hideo Kojima. BLUE BOX has repeatedly denied these claims, and a lot of evidence supports the reality that this is just an ambitious indie developer who got in way over his head.

The delays and app issues are further creating controversy in the community, who can’t seem to decide whether it’s truly just a developer who doesn’t have their stuff together enough to launch a trailer, or if this is another part of the ruse. Some point to the August 12 anniversary of P.T. (the Playable Teaser that first revealed Hideo Kojima’s cancelled Silent Hills game back in 2014) as evidence that the Abandoned app is a continuation of those ideas, and that the technical issues are intentional to delay the trailers launch until that day.

It’s not clear exactly what issues BLUE BOX ran into for the release of the Abandoned trailer, given that the app is not the actual game or even a demo. Initially, the developer claimed it was a “technical issue with the delivery of the patch,” though today’s update saying “we want to deliver a highly polished product and a good representation of the game that functions as intended” seems to hint that the issue was about more than just the delivery of the patch that would have delivered the trailer to the app.

Are you still invested in finding out what’s going on with Abandoned? Or are you abandoning interest after all these delays and issues? Let us know your thoughts about the mysterious project in the comments below.