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New Ghost of Tsushima Patch Adds Ability to Replay Camps and Duels, and New Animations

An update for Ghost of Tsushima went live alongside Director’s Cut and Iki Island launch, official patch notes for which aren’t available yet, but players have begun compiling a list of changes that they’ve noticed.

While some of the updates were previously detailed on the PlayStation Blog, others weren’t announced. According to the unofficial changelog compiled by Reddit user ayy973, players can now replay camps and duels, and there are new assassination and sword animations. Check out the list below:


  • Ability to replay every duel/camp including Khotun though this does not include the second Khotun fight.

  • Control mapping

  • Option to toggle lock-on in the menu (Up on the D-Pad)

  • You can now use the Grappling Hook on slack lines


  • Jin has a slightly longer bowing animation.

  • New assassination animations

  • New icons for stealth, defense, and ranged charms.

  • Option to hide quiver

  • New sword animation (one being an animation only seen exclusively after the Ronin duels)

  • Elegant Ghost Mask no longer resets your ghost armor to default black

  • Fox-kun has an updated model, also, new petting animations.

  • No more colored button prompts.


  • Two monks can be found on a road near Akashima that ties in to the Iki expansion.

YouTube user Two Serious Dog added the following details:

  • Depending what side of the enemy you assassinate from, Jin stabs on the side of the neck and throws him down with one hand, blade still in the neck… straight stab to the Adam’s apple and also a side stab then Jin poses on one knee for a sec.
  • Slightly new animation when you block incoming arrows. They don’t disappear to the ground like before but instead deflect up in the air slow enough to see the direction of the deflection and arrow hit the ground.
  • When you change your saddle color, it now uses the same format as when your change armor color
  • In the collections menu they separated everything by category now
  • When checking your ammo there’s now only one row of inventory as opposed to two separate rows

We’ll update our readers when official patch notes are released.

[Source: Reddit via ResetEra]