Saints Row reboot

Saints Row Reboot Studio Sticks to Its Guns as Fans Complain About the Reveal Trailer

The recently-revealed Saints Row reboot, which PlayStation LifeStyle previewed, seem to have divided fans already. Alongside negative reactions on Facebook and Twitter, the trailer has attracted a significant amount of dislikes on YouTube, as pointed out by Video Games Chronicle.

In response to backlash on Twitter, developer Volition has said that while it understands the different reactions, it’s “not backing down on this game.”

It all started when a follower complained about the reveal trailer, to which Volition replied by posting a “haters gonna hate” gif. That further upset the follower, which resulted in the exchange below:

A number of fans then rallied to support Volition, arguing that it’s too soon to make assumptions and pass judgments about the reboot.

“This is the biggest, richest and most ambitious Saints Row game we’ve ever created here at Volition,” Chief Creative Officer, Jim Boone, said following the reveal. “As a full reboot it’s a return to our series strengths and criminal roots. For the first time in the Saints Row series, players will build their game from scratch and get to witness the birth of the Saints. This is only the start of the journey we’re taking players on and we can’t wait to show you all the toys we’ve created in Saints Row.”

Saints Row will release in February 2022.

[Source: VGC]