Forspoken release date

PlayStation Showcase: Forspoken Release Date Narrowed to Spring 2022, New Story Trailer Offers Extended Look

Forspoken, previously known as Project Athia, was one of the many titles presented during today’s PlayStation Showcase. The strange game from Square Enix’s Luminous Productions received a brand new in-depth story trailer that gave us an extended look, including lots of fresh gameplay, as well as narrowing the 2022 release window down to spring 2022. Take a look at the new story introduction trailer below:

The main character, Frey, is a 20-year-old woman on the verge of turning 21, when she finds herself transported from our world into Athia. Suddenly finding herself in a magical land of dreams and nightmares is understandably confusing to a kid from regular old Earth—I believe her exact words in the trailer are “What the actual fuck?”—and it offers a new twist on the usual fantasy game formula we’re used to seeing. Frey will gain magical powers for herself to battle the monsters of Athia, and contend with the Tanta, dictatorial matriarchs who rule the land.

A PlayStation Blog post that accompanies the reveal gave fans a lot more information. In addition to the previously revealed Ella Balinska playing Frey, we now know that Jonathan Cake, Janina Gavankar, Keala Settle, and Monica Barbaro will each be lending their talents to the game in various character roles. Cake plays Cuff, a literal golden bracelet on Frey’s wrist that talks to her. Gavankar is the villainous Tanta Sila. Settle plays Johedy, guiding Frey on her journey. And Barbaro steps into the role of a character named Auden.

Bear McCreary and Garry Schyman—who did the BioShock soundtrack—are stepping up to compose the music for Forspoken, while Gary Whitta, Amy Hennig, Allison Rymer, and Todd Stashwick are all credited as writers on the project.

Forspoken is coming spring 2022 to PS5 and PC. It will remain a PS5 console exclusive for a period of at least two years from its release date.

We’ll continue to cover additional announcements from the PlayStation Showcase, as well as a full roundup of everything shown during PlayStation’s stream today.