Ghostwire Tokyo Hannya Trailer

PlayStation Showcase: New Ghostwire: Tokyo Gameplay Trailer Introduces the Masked Occultist Hannya

Yesterday’s PlayStation Showcase dropped a new gameplay trailer for the upcoming action-horror title Ghostwire: Tokyo. It focuses on the game’s central antagonist and mysterious masked occultist, Hannya. As well as getting a good look at how metropolitan Tokyo would look if a host of terrifying supernatural spirits and beings invade the city, the trailer also gives us a few teasers into the main character’s background. Ghostwire: Tokyo will release on the PS5 and PC sometime in spring 2022.

In Ghostwire: Tokyo, you play a young man named Akito, the sole survivor of a supernatural event occurring in Tokyo. The trailer opens with a strange fog engulfing the streets of Shibuya, disappearing anyone who is caught in the haze. Though left with a strange injury, Akito seems immune to the fog. Better yet, he realizes he has the ability to fight off the various spectres that roam the city using his own supernatural powers. Additionally, Akito must also save Mari, a hospitalized woman who seems to be very important to the character.

The spirits themselves look to be varied permutations of yokai and Japanese urban legends, as well as references to Japanese culture (and even some lanky suited dudes that oddly resemble Slenderman). These include nightmare-inducing headless school children, human-sized Teru teru bozu, and what looks to be a woman in religious wear capable of creating shards of ice out of thin air.

Furthermore, the trailer reveals that much of the game will take place in an incredibly realistic recreation of the Shibuya area, and prominently features the signature Tokyo Tower. Ghostwire: Tokyo will also have players explore more traditional locations such as Shinto shrines, as Akito can be seen investigating a strange floating metallic cube with the symbol for “seal” engraved. Towards the end of the video, we see towering humanoid figures made of dark particles gathering around the Tokyo Tower, as Hannya calls for the dawning “of a new age.”

Ghostwire: Tokyo is the work of Japanese game studio Tango Gameworks, which is known for The Evil Within series as well as its founder Shinji Mikami, who is best known for his work on the Resident Evil series. Though the game has had its ups and downs after Tango delayed its release to 2022 to “focus on the health of the team” and the departure of its original creative director for similar reasons, the newest gameplay trailer looks promising to say the least.

Ghostwire: Tokyo is due in spring 2022.