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PS5 Reveal: GhostWire: Tokyo’s Gameplay Reveal is Stunning Beyond Words

When Tango Gameworks unveiled GhostWire: Tokyo during E3 2019, no one knew what to expect. Then Creative Director Ikumi Nakamura had stolen the show before the trailer even began to roll. But the stylish reveal trailer felt endlessly mesmerizing. Somehow, some way, Tango Gameworks managed to do it yet again. During today’s PS5 reveal event, the developer unleashed the first footage of GhostWire: Tokyo gameplay. Needless to say, it’s nothing if not a sight to behold.

Check it out in the trailer below:

Details about Tango Gameworks’ latest project remain pretty scant. However, it most definitely has an intriguing premise attached. The action game takes place in Tokyo, Japan after 99 percent of the city’s population mysterious vanishes. Even stranger is the city soon thereafter becomes “overrun by deadly supernatural forces.” These forces, or spirits known as The Visitors, are quite deceptive.

A post on the PlayStation Blog, breaks down some of the spirit forms. One is Amewarashi, an entity that assumes the form of a child in a rain coat. This spirit’s power comes from the emotions felt by being separate from their parents. The Amewarashi will use their power to call for help when threatened. Adorned with a white wedding kimono, the Shiromuku spirit’s power is manifested in the dread felt by being unable to marry their love. Finally, Kuchisake takes inspiration from urban legends. It sounds as though she may be the most formidable of the bunch, due to her inhuman speed and deadly scissor blades.

Players will take advantage of a host of powerful spectral abilities, as seen in the trailer, to combat the mysterious paranormal threat. In doing so, the story behind the city’s widespread disappearances will slowly begin to unravel.

As briefly mentioned above, GhostWire: Tokyo’s original Creative Director, Ikumi Nakamura, is no longer with the studio. Nakamura departed the team in September of last year for reasons unknown.

GhostWire: Tokyo presently lacks a solid release date, but will come to the PS5 sometime in 2021. The PlayStation 5 itself will launch later this year during the holiday season.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]