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Bethesda Helped Deathloop Voice Actor Find a PS5 So He Could Play the Game

PlayStation 5s are hard to come by, and those working in the video games industry aren’t immune to the situation. Such was the case with Jason Kelley, the voice actor behind Deathloop‘s Colt, who posted a brief video on Twitter earlier in September, telling his followers that he would appreciate it if someone could get him a PS5 to play the game on.

Pete Hines, Senior Vice President of Communications at Bethesda (who published the Arkane Studios-developed title), decided to help.

“I can probably help find you a PS5 so you can play it,” Hines wrote in response to the aforementioned tweet. “You deserve a chance to play as Colt and enjoy your own amazing performance.”

Turns out, Hines wasn’t kidding and actually came through. As spotted by IGN, Kelley revealed in a subsequent interview with JumpCut PLAY that Bethesda managed to secure a PS5 for him, which is on its way to him along with a copy of Deathloop.

“I made an announcement, I was doing a bit and said that I didn’t have one and it turns out, I was just notified by Bethesda that a PS5 was made available and is going to be shipped to me, with the game as well,” Kelley told JumpCut PLAY. “So, I’ll be playing the game… I’m super excited.”

All’s well that ends well.

Deathloop is currently console-exclusive to the PS5. The exclusivity is expected to last one year from the date of release.

[Source: IGN]