Hideo Kojima norman reedus project

Hideo Kojima Teasing New Project, Which Seems to Involve Norman Reedus Again

Hideo Kojima is teasing the next project he’s working on, and a blurry photo seems to show that the creator is working with actor Norman Reedus again. The image shows a group of people working in what appears to be a motion capture soundstage. Kojima’s comment via his tweet is “Recently, I’ve been revising the plan and script, and experimenting with everything else.” It’s unknown if Kojima is referring to a game, movie, or even something else entirely, considering Kojima Productions just opened up a studio division in LA to focus on film, series, and other media outside of games.

Many fans speculate that the person in the white shirt is Norman Reedus—his hair, stance, boots, and general demeanor as can be seen in the image seem to match Reedus’ own. This would reunite Kojima and Reedus after previously working together on Death Stranding. Others have pointed out the man with his back to the camera in the coveralls, who seems to be getting prepped for… something. Honestly, the image doesn’t offer much in the way of details, and given that this is a Kojima project, even if we did know more, we couldn’t actually say that we “know” more, all things considered. Still, it shows that Kojima is hard at work on bringing his next big creation to the world, whether its a game, movie, TV series, or otherwise.

GameSpot noted that Kojima best friend and The Game Awards organizer Geoff Keighley replied with just the eyes emoji, which has sparked some speculation about whether or not Kojima will appear at The Game Awards 2021 next month. This photo seems to show early production ideas, which may mean things are a bit too early for Kojima to show up at the industry awards show with a fresh reveal just yet. But we can at least rest assured that Kojima is working on…something, and a blurry Norman Reedus may be involved.

[Source: GameSpot]