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Reader’s Opinion: What Series Would You Like to See Return on PS5?

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With the recent announcements of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic receiving a remake, the rumors of a Chrono Cross remake in the works, and Dead Space getting a revival, it’s a great time to look at older series that would be a welcome addition to the PS5 lineup. Whether that is via a remake, remaster, or a new entry in the series, there are so many game series out there that have been dormant for far too long. In fact, this post could probably go on for pages after pages with the list of old-school PlayStation games that need to make a return.

I know that I would love a return of Suikoden — whether as a series remaster or a brand new game, I just need to collect my 108 stars. Sure, I know that Eiyuden Chronicle is coming and it looks great, but it still would be nice to see a new mainline Suiko experience. We all know Resistance was talked about and turned down, which is a bummer to think about because it would do really well on the PlayStation 5, as would Legend of Dragoon, which has had its fair share of rumors. But what classic series would you like to see make its way to PS5?

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Anthony said…

The production quality from Xbox Game Studios is not on par with PlayStation Studios. Just look at Psychonauts 2 and Halo Infinite.

These games don’t carry the same AAA quality PlayStation delivers from their first-party games. If you’ve played all of these games, then you know what I’m talking about.

I believe the Day 1 Game Pass guarantee lowers the value of Xbox Studios games. And because of this, Xbox, nor Game Pass, is a threat to PlayStation.

Playstation is rumored to deliver their own “Game Pass,” but I imagine the service will just combine PS Plus with PS Now. Just a bit of rebranding. It’s not feasible to release juggernaut games like God of War and Ghost of Tsushima under this aggressive subscription model.

So, no, this isn’t bad news for Sony. Xbox has also yet to prove the worth of Bethesda moving forward. Fallout 76 was a cash grab, and Starfield is underwhelming. Concept art and cutscenes aren’t enough to bring the hype.

Timewarp said… 

Ok so now can we stop acting as if being against the Bethesda accusation was about being a bitter Sony fanboy and more about not liking the idea of any company holding a monopoly over the games industry

Whether you like Activision or not this is bad not just for Sony but for everyone? Competition is essential because it means more choice for the consumer and forces companies to innovate in order to compete.

It infuriates me that Microsoft plans on winning not by making anything new but by just buying up other companies.

It also generated a lot of discussion over on PlayStation LifeStyle’s Twitter, with @RealTurniplord tweeting:

However, @DavieC726 thought this was bad news for Sony, tweeting: