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Media Molecule’s Dreams Being Used to Make an Animated Movie

Media Molecule’s critically-acclaimed creation system, Dreams, is being used to make a professional animated movie for the first time ever.

Deadline has reported that Sony Pictures Classics has picked up rights to A Winter’s Journey, directed by Alex Helfrecht (The White King). The movie is based on Franz Schubert’s timeless classic song cycle Winterreise, and its animation team comprises of artists behind Oscar-nominated Loving Vincent.

Dreams PS4 will bring A Winter’s Journey world to life

A Winter’s Journey is officially described as a romantic and epic tale set in Bavaria in 1812, featuring live action with CG and painted animation. Dreams will be used build the world.

“Especially in these times, we feel a need to escape into a different world filled with beauty and timeless music,” Helfrecht told Deadline. “We’re lucky to be working with some of the world’s greatest actors, artists and musicians, and couldn’t think of a better partner than Sony Pictures Classics to bring our film to diverse audiences.”

Sony expressed its confidence in this unique endeavor, stating that it has “never quite seen a project like A Winter’s Journey before, which promises to marry world class cinema and extraordinary painting techniques with one of the great song cycles in musical history.”

Opinion: Dreams PS4 is the best commercial creation system

Zarmena writes… It’s hard to describe Dreams. I played through its campaign and tinkered with its creation tools, and was pleasantly surprised by the sheer amount of things Media Molecule packed into a single disc. Many instantly recognized back then that it was only a matter of time before Dreams went beyond the world of games, and here we are. I continue to be impressed by what Dreams and its community is capable of and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for it.

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