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U.S. Congressman Wants Xbox Activision Acquisition to Be Scrutinized

Numerous experts said last week that Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard might sound the alarm for U.S. regulators but it’s likely to go ahead. Well, it looks like the alarm has already been raised as one sitting politician has asked for the deal to be “closely scrutinized.”

Jerry Nadler, who represents New York’s 10th congressional district and is serving as the Chair of House Judiciary Committee, took to Twitter to express his thoughts on the news. He noted that Activision Blizzard has “a pattern of bullying workers to evade accountability for rampant sexual misconduct.”

Why should the Xbox Activision deal be scrutinized?

Anti-trust and competition concerns aside, reports have suggested that CEO Bobby Kotick decided to sell Activision Blizzard after last year’s high-profile lawsuits. Years of investigations by the state of California uncovered a horrendous history of workplace misconduct and huge gender pay gaps, among numerous other things. Kotick refused to step down but calls for his resignation continued to grow with each passing day, and Activision Blizzard employees simply weren’t having it anymore. The general consensus is that selling Activision Blizzard gives Kotick an easy escape.

Opinion: Kotick shouldn’t be off the hook so easy

Zarmena writes… The idea of Kotick walking away scot-free and the words of praise for him coming from Microsoft’s leadership make me absolutely sick to my stomach. The timing of this acquisition isn’t a coincidence and it certainly doesn’t negate what has come to light over the past year. I agree with Nadler; this deal needs to be closely scrutinized, and yes, I would have held the same stance if it was Sony acquiring Activision Blizzard.

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