Rockstar Bully 2

Rumor: Rockstar Still Working on Bully 2 Despite GTA 6 Reveal

With the recent announcement that Rockstar Games is developing GTA 6, some are questioning the validity of the rumored Bully 2 project. However, an industry insider has stated that the unannounced Bully project is still very much active, despite the fact that Rockstar is now working on three major triple-A titles at once. That being said, the news may come as a surprise to fans of the original Bully game, many of whom have been waiting for a sequel for some time.

Will Bully 2 have a release date soon?

The unannounced Bully title was reportedly supposed to appear during last year’s Game Awards. Credible industry insider Tom Henderson revealed back in December that the game had been pulled from the event for unknown reasons. Henderson also claimed that multiple sources had shown some materials from the game. 

After Rockstar revealed that it was developing GTA 6, one user questioned whether Henderson’s information was actually true. The concern is understandable, considering Rockstar doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to managing multiple titles. Just last month, Red Dead Redemption 2 fans criticized the game’s apparent lack of content compared to older games like GTA 5. The GTA Trilogy remaster also suffered from numerous bugs and graphical glitches that called into question Rockstar’s commitment to the franchise as a whole.

However, Henderson reiterated that he believed the project was still active, pointing out that the company had likely already been working on GTA 6 for some time.

Opinion: After the GTA Trilogy, Rockstar will need to earn players’ trust

Andrew writes… I don’t doubt the possibility of a fabled Bully 2 in development at Rockstar. But if the past few months have taught me anything, it’s that nostalgia-fueled remakes, remasters, and reboots may not always turn out the way you hope. Rockstar’s GTA Trilogy has shown us that older franchise revivals walk a fine line. The company will have to go above and beyond to make up for its past mistakes. And if they don’t, well… We still have GTA 6, I guess.

In other news, PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan has stated that the company will take reports of misconduct at its new studio Bungie seriously. Developer Tango Gameworks also revealed that its upcoming Ghostwire: Tokyo was initially going to be The Evil Within 3.