Back 4 Blood February Update

Back 4 Blood February Update Lets Players Stay Together

The Back 4 Blood February update has added various new features and gameplay balances, including a Stay Together feature that lets players stay in the same group after pairing up in Quickplay. Other additions include a Streamer Mode, as well as plenty of bug fixes, and adjustments to weapon damage and the game’s Campaign Mode.

What’s in the Back 4 Blood February update patch notes?

One of the most notable changes is the addition of the Stay Together feature. Previously, if you had queued up for a Quickplay match, there was no easy way to stay with a group of random players after a game ended. The only way to do so would be to send friend requests and try to invite them to a group to play again. Fortunately, Turtle Rock Studios has added the ability to vote on whether to continue playing together at the end of a game. Great news for those who don’t want to bother asking via voice chat or invite players. Furthermore, Streamers can finally play the game without risking Copywrite strikes. By playing with Streamer Mode enabled, the game will disable any copywritten music.

In terms of balances, the Walker ridden has received a rework. The changes add “Incoming!”, an ability that reduces the target’s damage dealt and accuracy on precision kills. The Deck Manager can also now hold 16 cards instead of the previous 8 card limit. Many of the offensive cards also seem to have been buffed, with Turtle Rock Studios removing trade-offs and adding damage, aim speed, and reload speed buffs in its place. Similarly, several healing cards also now have added healing efficiency and revive speed. All of these changes are likely part of Turtle Rock Studios’ continued efforts to tone down the game’s difficulty.

In other news, Ghost of Tsushima is getting a special outfit inspired by Aloy from Horizon Forbidden West in its latest patch. Take-Two Interactive has also promised fans that it will create sequels for many fan-favorite franchises.