Resident Evil Countdown Capcom

Capcom Countdown has Fans Hoping for a Resident Evil Announcement

The official Capcom Twitter account linked fans to a mysterious countdown today. Unfortunately, the site containing the countdown doesn’t have any hints as to what will happen when the timer runs down. However, the font used for the timer and a tweet from the official Resident Evil portal account has fans hoping we’ll see a new or remastered game announced soon.

Is Capcom counting down to a new or remastered Resident Evil game?

The Capcom countdown has a timer that will be concluded on February 21 at midnight EST. Given that the font matches that used by the Resident Evil series since the release of RE7, fans are thinking that the countdown will lead to the announcement of a new Resident Evil title or a remaster at the very least.

The Resident Evil Biohazard Portal Official Twitter also posted a teaser that looks like a history page with the logo from the first three games in the series. Given that these classics aren’t available on current-gen platforms, it may be teasing that remasters (or at least ports) of them are coming.

Alternatively, some fans think the fact that the timer ends on February 21, President’s Day, is a clue. Resident Evil 4 has Leon rescuing the President’s daughter, and there have been rumors that a remake of that title is coming. So perhaps we’ll finally get confirmation.

I say, why not both? The franchise had its 25th-anniversary last year, and Capcom didn’t do a ton to celebrate. If COVID-19 affected its plans, we may just now be seeing some of the projects come to fruition. We’ll know what the Resident Evil Portal has in store tomorrow at 4 PM JST (2 AM ET), which will give us a better idea of what the countdown might be about.

In other news, Dying Light 2’s first free DLC is available, and the PS5 version of Cyberpunk 2077 may be surprise launching tomorrow.