horizon forbidden west update

Horizon Forbidden West Day One Patch Fixes Progression Blockers

Today’s the day. Horizon Forbidden West is out after a lengthy wait and those who’ve bought the disc version will have a day-one patch ready to download. It’s worth applying the patch before starting the game because it fixes some rare progression blockers among other bugs, and the last thing you’ll want is having to restart a mission.

Horizon Forbidden West update details

The update brings Horizon Forbidden West to version 1.04 on the PlayStation 4 and version 1.004 on the PlayStation 5. It weighs around 500MB. Patch notes haven’t been officially released but based on information provided by PSN servers, here’s what it addresses:

Several reviewers had noted that Horizon Forbidden West suffered from some technical glitches and rare graphical issues. Those issues seem to have been resolved as well. If there are any further updates and more detailed patch notes, we’ll make sure to share them with our readers so stay tuned.

Opinion: Horizon Forbidden West is just what Sony needs right now

Zarmena writes… Sony’s had a bit of a dry spell in terms of first-party releases after an excellent 2021. Horizon Forbidden West comes at a perfect time, and considering the ongoing next-gen supply issues, Sony made the right call by opting for a multiplatform release. The pricing was a bit of an issue, but thankfully, the company promptly addressed it.

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