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Ubisoft Stockholm Creating a New Action IP

Ubisoft Stockholm is working on a brand-new IP. The studio is actively hiring for what job advertisements describe as an “ambitious” new action video game that may have online elements and procedural systems. The new game is being built using Ubisoft’s Snowdrop engine, which the Stockholm office is also using for Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora that’s being developed in collaboration with Massive Entertainment.

What we know about the new Ubisoft IP

Ubisoft has advertised dozens of vacancies for the project. The ad for a Design Director states that candidates must have an understanding of the fundamentals of action gameplay and combat. They must also have “significant experience as a game designer on mechanics for action gameplay (combat, traversal, encounters, game modes, etc.)” The mystery title will focus on narrative-based gameplay. The job description for Gameplay Programmer confirms as much, and further adds that candidates will “implement the heavily-procedural systems that will deliver narrative opportunities to the player, supporting emergent stories and memorable moments.” “Work with the Narrative Director and Technical Narrative Designer to prototype, prove, and develop the procedural portions of the game’s narrative systems,” the ad continues.

It sounds an awful lot like an open-world live service game but job descriptions shouldn’t be taken as a tell-all. Interestingly, Ubisoft Stockholm is also working on an unannounced tech project. The studio claims that it’s working on something that “breaks through” technological limitations, utilizing cloud.

Opinion: Something fresh, please

Zarmena writes… Ubisoft is the company that gave us a lengthy list of fantastic IPs that I can’t list here without adding another thousand words to this article. To cut it short, it’s perfectly capable of making groundbreaking, memorable games. Unfortunately, Ubisoft’s had quite a fall from grace in recent years in terms of workplace issues and the quality of its products both, the latter of which have been mediocre at best with the same cookie-cutter open-world designs and boring narratives. Here’s hoping Ubisoft Stockholm comes up with something fresh.

In other news, Dino Crisis producer has confirmed that he’s working on Exoprimal, and Elden Ring‘s localized versions are borked.

[Source: Ubisoft Stockholm]