Devil In Me Jessie Buckley

Oscar-Nominated Actress Jessie Buckley Playing Lead Role in The Devil In Me

Supermassive Games has confirmed Oscar-nominated actress Jessie Buckley (The Lost Daughter, Fargo, Chernobyl) will be taking the lead role in the next game in The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil In Me. She is the second cast member to be announced following the reappearance of series Curator played by Pip Torrens.

Which character is Jessie Buckley playing?

Jessie Buckley is playing investigative journalist Kate Wilder in The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil In Me. As the presenter of a documentary film show called “Architects of Murder,” Wilder is one of five members of the film crew who are invited to a replica of the Murder Castle of H.H. Holmes – The World’s Fate Hotel located along the shores of Lake Michigan. As can be expected, not all is as it seems at the hotel when the crew find their every move watched and their lives in danger.

The game is based on the real life case of America’s first serial killer, Henry Howard Holmes. While the exact extent of his crimes is shrouded in legend, with some of his supposed “victims” being found to be alive and well, the hotel he built in Chicago reached mythical status as a Murder Castle. Fictional claims include a fantastical hotel with hundreds of rooms, a maze-like layout, false doors and staircases, windowless rooms, torture chambers, trap doors, gas chambers and a basement crematorium. The hotel was actually a fairly normal three-storey building but some of these claims will surely play into The Devil In Me’s plot. The game is due to be released later this year.

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