Dark Pictures Anthology Upcoming Titles

Here are the Upcoming Dark Pictures Anthology Games

Supermassive Games has filed trademarks for five upcoming games in the Dark Pictures Anthology series. The trademark documents include both logos and official titles for five titles in the franchise, giving fans a glimpse into what exactly each story may entail. The five games will likely make up the second season of the Dark Pictures Anthology series, following the release of its latest title House of Ashes, as well as the upcoming season finale The Devil in Me.

What are the titles of the upcoming Dark Pictures Anthology season 2 games?

While the release order or dates have not been confirmed, we do know what each game will be called. Below is the full list:

  • Dark Pictures: Directive 8020
  • Dark Pictures: Intercession
  • Dark Pictures: Winterfold
  • Dark Pictures: The Craven Man
  • Dark Pictures Presents: O Death

Additionally, each logo features unique fonts and designs that could help fans identify what type of horror genre the games could cover. Directive 8020 looks like it could have some sort of science fiction setting. With an upside-down cross, Intercession‘s logo is reminiscent of horror movies like The Exorcist. The Craven Man, on the other hand, seems to reference some sort of pagan ritual. It also uses a font that is strangely similar to those seen in The Lord of the RingsWinterfold‘s logo looks like a highway sign with blood splattered on it.

Notably, one title stands out from the rest. With an added “Presents” subtitle, O Death also features the picture of the series’ iconic Curator. The different title could point to a spin-off or collaborative project that delves into the background of the mysterious character. “O Death” is also the first phrase in the series’ intro song “A Conversation With Death.”

In other news, popular video game voice actor Troy Baker has apologized for calling critics of an NFT scheme “haters”. The PS5 version of the controversial Cyberpunk 2077 has also been spotted on the PSN server.

[Source: Gematsu]