PS5 Controller Dualsense Bafta Best Controller Ever Tournament

PS5 Dualsense Wins BAFTA Best Controller Ever Tournament

The PS5 controller—that is, the PS5 Dualsense wireless controller—has won a friendly competition hosted by BAFTA named the “Best Controller Ever Tournament.” Through four rounds of head-to-head brackets, the PS5 controller emerged victorious against 15 other competitors by fan vote. Do you agree with the results, or were some of the controllers robbed?

How the PS5 Dualsense claimed victory

It was clear from the very start of this tournament that the PS5 controller had a good draw. Its first match-up was against the N64 controller (which by my estimation requires three hands to use properly), and the second match-up was against the Wii controller which has notoriously been known to end up creating a crack through the center of a television.

After that, it was no surprise that the PS5 controller, being the more modern of the two, sailed easily past the third challenger, the Gamecube controller. And for similar reasons, it beat the classic Dualshock 2 controller for the title.

That said, the Dualshock 2 controller made the bracket easier for its modern counterpart with an early surprise victory over the Xbox Elite 2 controller, which though better in almost every regard, just wasn’t popular enough by comparison. Perhaps there would have been more of a fight if it were pitted against the Xbox One controller or the Nintendo Switch Pro controller.

The Best Controller Ever Tournament is part of a social media campaign for BAFTA to remind us to watch the BAFTA Games Awards in less than two weeks on April 7, 2022. It also gave a proper shout-out to the AbleGamers Charity and the UK-based charity Special Effect for their work in creating custom controllers for the handicapped.

In other news, PlayStation Spartacus doesn’t seem to be the only big reveal Sony is planning to announce this week, and the cosmic-horror FPS Quantum Error has revealed a story teaser trailer.