Babylon's Fall

Babylon’s Fall Support Continues With Extended Six-Month Long Season 2 Tomorrow

Despite a poor reception from both players and critics upon release, PlatinumGames and Square Enix have vowed to keep supporting Babylon’s Fall, at least for the time being anyway. Tomorrow is the start of Season 2, which is due to last for six months. The problem is there will only be three months of new content so the team can prepare properly for Season 3.

What is included in Babylon’s Fall Season 2?

Babylon's Fall Season 2

Babylon’s Fall Season 2 will launch tomorrow, May 31, and The Light of Aaru story chapter will begin. A Kuftaali VIP visits the Sentinel Force Headquarters, prompting the Sentinels to journey to Ziggurat and find “a new truth”. Players will get to see the story of Elysium in the Ziggurat “Tower of Benben” unfold throughout the season. The Kuftaali are a new faction joining the game this season, and they bring along the new Pistol weapon type and Sun element.

A brand new Battle Pass, Season 2 “The Light of Aaru” will include more than 100 rewards such as assassin-themed vanity attire. Those who earned enough BP throughout the previous season will be able to buy the Battle Pass at a discount. PlatinumGames is planning to add multiple rankings to Gauntlet mode as the season progresses and the highest-ranking Sentinels will get rare emblems. More than 80 quests will be added to Skirmish, Siege, and Duel modes alongside new enemies, and completing them all will reward valuable treasures. Finally, the store will carry new cosmetics.

Some of this content will also be added to Update Version 1.2.1, currently scheduled for July 12. A limited-time Festival of the Sun event will then run from July 18 to August 15. After that, there will be no new content until the season concludes on November 29. Despite the extended six-month period, the developer only plans to release content for the first three months so they can use the remaining time “for development on the next update”. Only then will we see what is planned to try and rescue the game’s reputation.

In other news, tomorrow’s The Division 2 update is causing a furor before it is even released after players were told there would be a Proficiency point rollback. Elsewhere, Life Is Strange developer Dontnod is promising news on their new game tomorrow.