ps5 vs xbox series x exclusives

PS5 and Xbox Series X Exclusives Two of the Worst-Rated Games of 2022

As the PS5 vs Xbox Series X exclusives debate rages on, Metacritic has released its list of the worst-rated games 2022, and both consoles grace the list. Smilegate’s Xbox-exclusive CrossfireX is the second worst-rated game of last year, followed by PlatinumGames-developed PS5 console exclusive Babylon’s Fall.

PS5 vs Xbox Series X exclusives debate at the center of Microsoft Activision deal controversy

The debate over which console has better exclusives was propagated by none other than Microsoft and Sony themselves throughout 2022 as both companies sparred over the former’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard. Microsoft continues to claim that PlayStation has more and better exclusives than Xbox, justifying its purchase of Activision.

Nevertheless, both consoles have put out gems – both good and bad – and aforementioned games have been quite an embarrassment. The full list of Metacritic‘s top ten worst-rated games of 2022 is as follows (scores out of 100):

  1. Postal 4: No Regerts (30)
  2. CrossfireX (38)
  3. Babylon’s Fall (41)
  4. XEL (43)
  5. LEGO Brawls (46)
  6. Zorro: The Chronicles (49)
  7. The Last Oricru (50)
  8. The Waylanders (51)
  9. Kamiwaza: Way of the Thief (52)
  10. Bladerunner: Enhanced Edition (52)

Do note that the list above takes into account the lowest metascore out of all release platforms.

We’ve all talked about the best games released in 2022, but what are our readers least liked games of the year?