Unannounced Destiny Project in Development, Says Bungie Job Listing

A new job listing for a Principal Producer at Bungie has revealed an unannounced Destiny project in development. Specifically, the position includes working with other developers on the “roadmap of future Destiny releases.” However, the job description for the “Unannounced Project” has since changed so that there is no mention of Destiny at all.

What these “future Destiny releases” might be

Unannounced Destiny Project Bungie Job Listing
[Image Credit: TheGamePost]
The original job posting, as cataloged by TheGamePost, mentioned that the role of principal producer would include coordinating with the “Goliath Leadership Team” and “foster an understanding of Goliath goals and vision” across teams. The updated listing has altered the wording so that the position will require the producer to work on general “future releases” and has removed Goliath from the full description. It’s unclear if this fix is due to a genuine mistake or if the revelation of this new Destiny project forced the changes, but the targeted edit suggests the latter.

As to what this future Destiny project would be, if it even is called “Goliath,” is unknown. It could be a full-fledged sequel like Destiny 3 or some spinoff of the Destiny universe. That said, we do have some clues as to what the former Halo developer is working on since its acquisition by Sony.

It was clear in Sony’s recent investor relations presentation that the company wanted to leverage Bungie’s expertise as both a live-service developer and publisher. In fact, Sony specifically had one slide labelled “Bungie Synergies” showing that it wanted the developer to build a “SIE live services center of excellence” and bring “live service business operations to platform business.”

In early March, it was revealed through another Bungie job posting that the studio was looking for developers with experience designing multiplayer levels in a PvP game as well as “character-focused third-person action games (platformers, isometric, etc).”

In other news, the June 2022 lineup for the Essential Tier of PlayStation Plus has been confirmed, and Take-Two agrees with Sony that launching AAA games on subscription services isn’t financially viable.