Street Fighter 6 Game Face Feature

Street Fighter 6 Lets Players Pull Faces Before a Match

Capcom has revealed the Street Fighter 6 Game Face Feature which will allow your character to taunt the opponent on the versus screen. By pressing various directional buttons, you can make the likes of Ryu and Luke scowl, stare, and scoff before the match begins.

What the Street Fighter 6 Game Face Feature video also reveals

As shown halfway through the short video in the tweet (posted above), Luke grits his teeth before doing a staredown, while Ryu makes several chad-like expressions with his signature eyebrows overlapping his red headband. It’s a feature that looks a bit wacky, but as fighting expert Maximillian Dood notes in his reply, this is actually a throwback to Soul Calibur 2’s pre-game callouts. So far, it’s encouraging to see that Street Fighter 6 is nailing the game’s aesthetics and style, especially after the initial blunder with its logo looking very similar to a generic “SF” stock image.

Apart from the face-pulling, the video itself shows off the polished animations and pre-fight introductions for the Metro City Downtime level. From the looks of it, each arena might have its own unique walk-ins before a match. As a piece of trivia, the trailer also reveals that both fighters don’t like scary things, with Luke hating horror games and Ryu hating spiders.

Street Fighter 6 was featured in the latest PlayStation State of Play presentation where it showed off five characters, the single-player World Tour mode, and a sneak peek of the game’s new Drive System. Through an official blog post, Capcom also revealed that the impressive graphics of the upcoming fighter are built on the the proprietary RE Engine that powers the latest Resident Evil games. Along with alpha footage featuring a fight between Cammy and Ken, the full character roster was leaked, forcing Capcom to acknowledge the various leaks while appreciating “all the positive reactions.” We may see more details on Street Fighter 6 during the upcoming Capcom’s showcase scheduled to air on June 13.

In other news, Kojima’s horror game is reportedly codenamed Overdose and features an actress from Death Stranding, and Geoff Keighley wants to temper viewer expectations for Summer Game Fest.