Skate 4 Reveal July

Skate 4 Set to be Revealed Next Month According to Latest Rumor

Skate 4 has been shrouded in mystery since it was revealed at the start of 2021. We’ve not seen or heard anything about the game with the exception of leaked early pre-alpha footage in April. Now it seems like the game may actually be making a public debut soon as the latest rumor claims Skate 4 will get a proper reveal next month in July.

When will we finally see Skate 4?


Skate 4 will get a reveal in July, according to Try Hard Guides. The reveal would be almost a year since we last heard anything from developer Full Circle, who released a motion capture and fan reaction “We’re Working On It” video that gave nothing away. EA had said they wouldn’t be holding an EA Play Live show this year, instead intending to show off each game individually when it was ready; it seems like that time may be drawing near for Skate 4.

The gameplay footage leaked back in April was described as early pre-alpha footage. While this was assumed to reflect the state of the game at that time, it is now believed that footage was several months old when it was leaked online. The game has been undergoing extensive playtesting over the last few months and is believed to be much further along in development than people believe. The July reveal is expected to show in-game footage while Skate content creators and journalists will get hands-on play sessions to offer their preview impressions.

Whether the game will be released this financial year remains to be seen. There are four games due to be released during the final quarter of the year: a “major IP”, a “partner title”, a “remake”, and a “sports title”. The “remake” is Dead Space Remake while the “sports title” is Super Mega Baseball 4. As Full Circle is an EA studio, it can’t be the “partner title”. While it could be the “major IP”, it seems weird not to describe Skate 4 as a sports title. Only time will tell whether we’ll see the game soon.

In other news, there is still a secret reference to be found in the Tower of Sisyphus update for Returnal. Elsewhere, Ghost of Tsushima 2 may have multiplayer at launch.