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Sony Sued Over PS5 Crashing Defect

An Illinois resident has taken Sony Corporation to court over a PS5 crashing defect that plagues some consoles. Like with any other tech product, some of the launch PS5s turned out to be defective, and one of the most common complaints was that of the console crashing while playing games. But plaintiff Christina Trejo thinks that Sony knowingly sold faulty PS5s and tried to mask the problem. It’s highly likely that this lawsuit will be thrown out but makes for an interesting read nonetheless.

Plaintiff’s stance on PS5 crashing issues

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As spotted by TechRadar, Trejo’s lawsuit claims that Sony was well-aware of the problem because of the amount of PS5s that came in for repair in addition to the numerous complaints that were made online. She believes that Sony should warn customers of the potential defect in their consoles ahead of purchase, and claims that no remedial action has been taken. To support her claims, Trejo shared links to a number of Reddit threads. Interestingly, she even cited an article by PlayStation LifeStyle in which we reported PS5 causing external hard drives to crash.

Parts of the complaint read:

The PS5s manufactured and sold by Defendant were not fit for the ordinary purpose for which such goods are used because the Console Defect renders the PS5 inoperable as the system consistently crashes and powers down when used to play PS5 Games. Defendant, who is in control of the manufacturing, marketing, advertising and sale of its PS5, was aware of the Console Defect through warranty repair requests, online consumer complaints, and its own online service resources. However, despite its knowledge of the Console Defect, Defendant failed to, and continues to fail to, disclose the defect to consumers prior to them purchasing the PS5, nor has Defendant taken any substantial action to remedy the problem. 

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