PlayStation Stars release date collectibles

PlayStation Stars Release Date Revealed at State of Play

Sony revealed more info about PlayStation Stars at today’s State of Play. We got a rough release date and a preview of what kind of digital collectibles will be available through the service. We also got a hint about how you’ll earn them in the accompanying PlayStation Blog.

PlayStation Stars release date and collectibles revealed

PS Stars will start rolling out in Asia in late September. The Americas and Europe should follow soon afterward. The trailer showed a few examples of collectibles that’ll be available:

Punto the gondolier from Ape Escape 2

  • PlayStation 3
  • PocketStation
  • Toro and Kuro with a birthday cake
  • A Sony Chord Machine
  • Polygon Man

Players will be able to earn PlayStation Stars in a variety of ways. Some will be given to commemorate activities, achievements, or product ownership and will feature a rarity. In addition, you’ll be able to arrange them in a virtual display case, which you can show on your PSN profile.

However, the primary way to earn Stars is through completing “campaigns.” The blog gives us this example:

A campaign may be a point-earning or collectible-earning activity. One of our first campaigns is “Hit Play/1994,” where members who correctly launch games that match song-based clues receive a special collectible. More campaign details to come.

We look forward to checking out what Stars has to offer soon.

In other news, Like a Dragon: Ishin is coming West, and Tekken 8 was announced at State of Play.