the callisto protocol length

The Callisto Protocol Will Be 12-14 Hours Long

Striking Distance Studios’ boss Glen Schofield has shed some light on The Callisto Protocol length, revealing that it’ll last around 12-14 hours for most players. However, there will be several different paths for players to take, adding replay value to the game. And, of course, there will be a little bit of exploration as well. So if you really want to go beyond 14 hours, there will be enough material to help you prolong your experience.

The Callisto Protocol length is on par with horror games

With a 12-14 hour campaign, The Callisto Protocol is about as long as your average horror game. Schofield does want people to try out different paths, though. In the latest issue of EDGE magazine (via MP1st), he teased that some of those “beta paths” are “so cool.”

“They [beta paths] come later in the game, but some of them are so freaking cool,” said Schofield. “And we don’t tell you where they are or how many they are. But if you really explore, it may be longer.” He added that he hopes players will have conversations about the different paths they choose.

The Callisto Protocol is set to release on December 2nd for the PS5 and PS4 among other platforms.