kojima overdose

Kojima’s ‘Overdose’ Footage Leaked by Naked Guy

Footage purportedly from the long-rumored Kojima Overdose game has been leaked in a rather bizarre way. As spotted by folks over at Exputer, the grainy footage appeared on Streamable and is apparently being filmed running on what appears to be a desktop screen from a mobile phone, which is further being filmed from yet another mobile phone by the leaker, who was casually sitting there naked, as seen in the screen’s reflection. Whoever’s leaking this clearly wants to avoid legal action.

Screenshots of Overdose have also been making rounds

The footage, which can be viewed on Exputer and ResetEra (we’d like to avoid legal action too, you know), follows yesterday’s leak that saw screenshots from Kojima Overdose project circulating online. In case the video is scrubbed by the time you get to this article, it shows a woman walking around a dilapidated building with a torch. She’s running from some kind of an unseen threat, and towards the end of the video, it looks like the character has become possessed with something. A Game Over screen appears and that’s about it.

The woman in the footage is unmistakably Margaret Qualley, who also played a role in Death Stranding. However, the footage makes it clear that Overdose isn’t Death Stranding 2.