the callisto protocol size ps5

The Callisto Protocol Is About 43 GB on PS5

The Callisto Protocol size on PS5 has been revealed, thanks to known PSN backend data scraper PlayStation Game Size. According to Sony’s database, the game weighs 42.794 GB for version 1.003.000, indicating that the previously-confirmed day-one patch is included in this download. It’s unclear how big the download will be for those who purchase the game on disc.

Expect The Callisto Protocol size on PS4 to be bigger

Due to some changes Sony made to PSN, it’s no longer possible to find game sizes for all PS4 games prior to release. However, expect The Callisto Protocol’s PS4 size to be bigger despite not being as graphically-intensive as its PS5 counterpart. PS5 downloads are smaller than PS4 games due to the console’s compression technology.

The Callisto Protocol’s pre-load will begin on November 30th and the game will launch worldwide (minus Japan) on December 2nd. Do note that the opening hours of the game have been leaked online so if you don’t want anything spoiled for you, mute The Callisto Protocol on social media.

As far as the day-one update is concerned, we still don’t have patch notes. However, Striking Distance boss Glen Schofield has confirmed that the patch will address some performance issues that have been reported by those who have access to the game.

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