the callisto protocol cancelled

The Callisto Protocol Cancelled in Japan Over Censorship Request

The Callisto Protocol has been cancelled in Japan after developer Striking Distance Studios refused a censorship request by the country’s rating board CERO. This news was shared via a tweet by the game’s Japanese account, in which Striking Distance offered refunds to those who had pre-ordered the game.

Why The Callisto Protocol has been cancelled

Striking Distance has said that if it complies with CERO’s request to cut The Callisto Protocol’s content, the team won’t be able to deliver the experience it wants players to have. The developer seemed pretty apologetic, noting that the game in its current state will simply not pass CERO’s certification process. Unfortunately, this means it’s all out of Striking Distance’s hands.

CERO is known for its strict classification guidelines, especially involving dismemberment scenes. Supermassive Games had to remove one such scene in PS4 exclusive Until Dawn, which ultimately upset fans to the point where the game got review bombed on Amazon Japan.

The Callisto Protocol will release in other regions on December 2nd for the PS4 and PS5 among other platforms. It’ll come in 60 fps glory with PlayStation-exclusive content called Contraband Pack as well as a Season Pass.