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Forspoken Uses PS5’s SSD for Fast Travel With Virtually No Loading Times

Square Enix has said that Forspoken PS5 utilizes the console’s SSD to allow players to fast travel with loading times under a second. The publisher just held a livestream offering a deep dive into the game, revealing how it crafted Forspoken’s story. The development team also touched upon gameplay aspects like parkour and magic spells.

Forspoken PS5 features a 3D world map

According to a translation of the Japanese stream by Twitter user Genki_JPN, Forspoken features a 3D world map, over 100 magic spells under four main categories, and RPG elements that were crafted by some of the folks behind games like Final Fantasy 15. In addition to this, Forpsoken features magic parkour, which has been made easy to use because Square Enix wants the game to appeal to a wider audience.

The publisher has also said that Forspoken isn’t designed for multiple playthroughs. Players can simply continue playing in the world after finishing the main story.

As far as Forspoken’s story is concerned, Square Enix likens the narrative to Narnia and Alice in Wonderland. The magic and fantasy portion was crafted by Gary Whitta, following which the baton was passed to Amy Hennig to help build a story around Athia (the world) and Tantas (antagonists).

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