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Uncharted Theme Park Ride Promises Fans Real Life ‘White-Knuckle Treasure Hunting’

PlayStation is set to delve into theme parks with the world’s first-ever Uncharted rollercoaster based on the video games and film. The “dark ride” promises fans an exhilarating and immersive treasure hunt starting in mid 2023.

Is Uncharted rollercoaster the start of something new?

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Uncharted-themed ride will open at PortAventura World in Spain. At the moment, it’s unclear if the ride is exclusive to this theme park or if Sony plans to take it worldwide.

“The team at PortAventura World has designed a thrilling ride so that fans of the game and film can now step into Nate and Sully’s shoes and go on their own white-knuckle, treasure-hunting race,” said Sony Pictures’ Jeffrey Godsick. “This alliance will allow us to launch, on a global scale, our first dark ride roller coaster,” added PortAdventura World.

The ride will feature “dark and unexplored” territories and will come with its own pre-show. Visitors have been promised “a dangerous search for one of the greatest treasures ever found.”

Sony Interactive Entertainment previously said that it wants to move beyond the world of games with its first-party IPs and has already made quite a splash in the television and film industry. It remains to be seen if theme parks is where things are headed next.